May 25

Robservations: Accidental Courtesy

I watched that doc on Daryl Davis over the weekend. It was interesting. Like initially I was on some “fuck this coon-ass coon outchea cooning” or something like that but then after watching it a bit that attenuated, I recognized that, while flawed – that slick back, potbelly and blatant Uncle Ruckus vibe bugged me – he was doing what I do. He wasn’t seeing shit as binary. Like how can he hate white people for instance while being married to one? He called out what he saw as bullshit and had patience. Seek first to understand. Dude had more patience than I when it comes to people wilin’. There was this one White guy from some super liberal group that essentially said you’ve done nothing, and they that Pastor Tom who was a racist cunt. They got under my skin, but not as much as those BLM kids. Davis, who’s claims to fame is music and reforming KKK members. How can you trivialize what that dude did when all you have to your credits in life is being a unemployed, college dropout and “poet”…em…conscious mumble rapper. Not to mention – these weren’t just regular hoods that Davis got off these KKK members they were like high ranking leaders. That accounts for something. Those fuckers were dumb asses – lots of misdirected energy. Like energy is fuel for change but they directed anger at Davis, who was doing his own thing. Like what has BLM done would have been my question if I were Davis but of course those fuckers repping BLM didn’t allow dude to talk. That’s a coward’s tactic – it perpetuates my issues when BLM and many feminists – specifically radical fuckers. If you don’t abide by what they believe then you’re horrible – they talk at you under the guise of dialogue. Fuck that. I ask the question – “where’s yours?” when JC Faulk, i think, called Davis disrespectful (these lads were a bad version of neo-Hotep – they hadn’t reached their final form) Their old-head was a piece of shit too – likely a former drug dealer or that now grew a conscience and wants to save his community – the old head threatens Davis as he leaves the interview. That was that typical old, soft spots in the dick, LaVar Ball style of threat too. “I better not see you in Baltimore.” My threats are more direct. Vague threats are for punks. . Fuck outta here! It’s a reminder of who you ‘elect’ as your leaders. I say fuck all of it and I’m from Baltimore. I was at protests during the 2015 Uprising. Don’t get me wrong – I can see how Davis comes off – I was triggered, as previous mentioned, and fuck that white people are redeemable shit. I believe everyone can be redeemable and that everyone should have a say – you’re entitled to have an opinion and I’m entitled not to agree with it . While not an endorsement of anything or a commercial for the documentary – I’ll say overall the doc was interesting and worth checking out.
 Watch it and tell me what you think?
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July 11

Mtrocast 80 | Deep In The Grunt

An episode where the lads discuss gun violence – Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and Mycah X Johnson, The Dallas Shoorting, Black Lives Matter and NBA Free Agency.

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April 18

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 176 | Unleash The Blackness

In this episode our lads, Rob Lee and Dann D, are back to discuss race with white privilege, Japanese folklore with the ass ghost Shirime, and Douche-bag opulence with Champagne guns.

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April 12

Mtrocast 72 | The Smug Sniffer

Rob Phoenix and Rob Lee discuss the week. Stories include Bomani Jones, CNN’s Hunting Ground, and, as usual, Race relations. Check and share with a friend, Mtrocast is for the kids.

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October 26

Mtrocast 59 | I Can Be THAT Petty

An episode where Meek Mill comeback options, Lamar Odom, improv and #BlackLivesMatter vs. Rhonda Rousey are discussed.

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