Young Justice Season 3 Review

the-team-young-justice-33410434-1534-521Cartoon Network will always make me upset that they canceled this show. Honestly still don’t understand why. Toy Sales!!?? (Seriously didn’t know toys were made for this show). When this show appeared back on Netflix consider me one of those folks who watched it again religiously once you get past the “Hello Me’gan” and “Neptune’s Beard” nonsense you would an incredible show that close to perfection in terms of execution. Young Justice did something that is extremely difficult to do (until I saw My Hero Academia) they were able to beautifully develop every character from the original team of known sidekicks Dick Grayson (Robin/Nightwing), Kaldur’ahm (Aqualad), Wally West (Kid Flash), M’gann M’rozz (Megan/Miss Martian), Artimis (Tigress), and Connor Kent (Superboy) and adding new characters along the way to add depth and even some members of the league had character depth. Young Justice 1st two seasons were incredible and provided a show since Justice League Unlimited to provide mature content, along with really strong comedic points as well. However, once we got the to the amazing cliff hanger ending (seriously that cliffhanger was one to die for), Cartoon Network pulled the damn plug in 2013. Continue reading

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