Donald Trump

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 200 | Many Sides

Our heroes discuss Trump on Charlottesville, Neo-Nazi's in America and, as usual, weird news. email us at  

Mtrocast 78 | Real Estate Rob Is In Formation

An episode where Lee & Phoenix discuss Muhammad Ali's legacy, sneaker culture, and Throwback jerseys, Beyonce's Formation tour and much more.

Mtrocast 74 | Put Some Respeck On Our Names

Rob Phoenix and Rob Lee discuss the week. Stories include Buzzfeed's Questions For White People, Purple Rain and, as usual, Race relations. Check and share with a friend, Mtrocast is…

Mtrocast 69 | MTRO Don’t Trust you

Rob Phoenix and Rob Lee welcome Rudo from Operation Burn1 to the show to discuss the new Captain America: Civil War trailer, politics and potato chips.

Mtrocast 56 | Trump Card

An episode where fat shaming, Donald Trump and the Freddie Gray civil suit are covered by Rob Lee & Rob Phoenix.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 153 | Okilly Dokilly

An episode where gender shaming, pop culture metal bands (seriously a Ned Flanders band) and a trip to Philadelphia are covered by Rob Lee & Dann D.