Geek Stuff | FLCL Progressive

This past weekend saw the resurrection of one of Anime’s weirdest, most beloved series, FLCL. Pronounced Fooly Cooly, FLCL originally aired in Japan back in 2000 with an American dub…

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Geek Stuff| Game Review

Rejoice, children of the original PlayStation, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is back with a vengeance! Since 1999, a time before Sony started putting numbers on their systems, Pro Skater dominated…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 155 | But Is He Gay?

There are so many weird names out there. So the legendary duo dedicated an episode to weird naming trends, playing gay and creepy vets.

Geek Stuff | 008

  Dann D covers the week in geek. Stories include comic news, X-files revival and Mallrats 2.  

Geek Stuff | 003 Live from the Borderlands

Image/Flickr We cant stop talking about Borderlands!   Dann D. covers the week in geek live from Hyperion HQ. The new Borderlands game, comic shop etiquette and the death of…

Geek Stuff | 002 New York and Beyond

Image/Flickr Fresh off the heels of New York Comic Con! Dann covers the news across the Multiverse including New York Comic Con and the latest comic releases.

Geek Stuff | Death of Wolverine

Image/Flickr Unless you’ve been living on the blue side of the moon you already know that Marvel is planning to kill off their most notorious character starting in September. Originally…