Robservations | Four Letter Words

Hey maaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaan. Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – “4 Letter Words”. Now I know what you’re thinking? This has been covered by George Carlin and…

Oneshot | Cartoon Hate for 2010

Rob and Torin Tron wrap up 2010 with grievances and apologies. Enjoy. Related Articles Now THIS Is What We All Really Hate About Our Lives (Cartoon) (

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 11 | Battle of the Sexes

[audio The band is back together to talk hate. By hate, we're talking about what men hate about women and what women hate about men. I will put the toilet…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 17 | How rude…

The gang discusses some of the most rude behaviors/acts that occur at work,school or out & about. Eventually, hatecast ensues. Enjoy!!!