Operation Burn1 10 | A Real Life Half Baked

Download HereRudo welcomes back Jay and Gary to the smoking section. They talk medical marijuana, economics, issues in baltimore and marijuana reviews online.

Operation Burn1 | 5

  Dann D. joins Young Rudo and Rob Lee to discuss women,420, Mark Wahlberg and Forest Whitaker movies, and goatsy buttholes. Download Here Related Articles Operation Burn1 Notes: Kids ( Operation Burn1…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 47 | I Call Him Suga

Tron & RL talk porn sticks, Flava Flav businesses, ironic sex changes,beard cuisine and much more. Enjoy. Related Articles Flava Flav Opens Ffc Fried Chicken Restaurant in Iowa Plans Liquor Line (…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 21 | If it bleeds it leads

The band is back together and discussing how the news isn't the news. It seems to the gang that "news" is agenda-based opinions. Give it a listen and share yer…