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Welcome the latest episode of Unofficially Black, your source for the latest in pop culture and current events. Remember there’s no step one in being black. This week Rob Lee & Just Greg welcome rapper/entrepreneur,
Pharaoh Gamo on the show to discuss the music industry, artistic authenticity and current events.

Pharaoh Gamo expresses his goals and artistic aspirations. He break down aspects of the rap industry that are predatory to artists and how to navigate through them.
Also,Pharaoh Gamo breaks down the balancing act of staying true to his artistic vision while pursuing the riches of this lucrative industry.

We break down recent news like the Tristan Thompson (black men don’t cheat)/Jordyn Woods/Khloe Kardashian saga. Once again, ‘
black men don’t cheat’. Despite Tristan being Canada Dry, Rob does respect the G-move.

Later we focus our discuss Space Jam 2. Los Angeles Lakers Forward, LeBron James, becoming an A&R to 2 Chainz’s, ‘Rap Or Go to the League’ album. It’s been a big week for LeBron.

Later, we do a world premiere of a track from our guest, Pharaoh Gamo.
Pharaoh Gamo much like one of our hosts, Rob Lee, wants all of the smoke from competitors. Though, rapper smoke is actual smoke and podcaster smoke is more like a corn chip scented steam.

We’re on Spreaker and any of the podcast things.

Listen, share and enjoy.

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