Mastermind’s Team Robcast 241 | Into the Gatorverse

The Best Podcast in Baltimore! Prepare yourself for a full throttle return to the multiverse at large! The legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D, must traverse through alternate realities…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 223 | Fatos, covered in the ashes of his enemies

The episode that will change the MTR universe forever! Where were you when Marvel released the culmination of a decade's worth of films? Will New Challenger be able to withstand…

Black Panther | A Celebration of (Black) Excellence

You want to talk about a grand slam. This felt like the grand slam in the bottom of the 9th inning 2 outs and down by three.  This won the…


Neither of these films deserve a review. My intelligence was insulted watching both of them. One for being hot pile of shit (Catwoman) and the other killing their franchise due…

Blade 2, How to do a Sequel 101

Del Toro and Wesley Snipes what can go wrong? ok in production, Blade 2 looked like an uncertainty to happen. Four years after the first Blade with a director change…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 158 | Italian Nightclub

Put down your Italian Nightclub for an episode where dating, oral sex etiquette, and The 2015 Baltimore Comic-Con are discussed by the legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D.

Geek Stuff | 008

  Dann D covers the week in geek. Stories include comic news, X-files revival and Mallrats 2.  

Geek Stuff | 006

Dann D discusses the week in geek. Stories include Ghostbusters, AKA Jessica Jones and Jurassic World

Geek Stuff | 004 Wolverine Woes

Image/MovieWeb For Geeks, By Geeks   Dann covers the week in geek. On this episode it's comics comics comics! The classic battle between Marvel and DC rages on!