Mastermind Team’s Robcast 175 | Bros Before Prose

The legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D., make up after the last episode. Afterward, the guys discuss the upside to self-induced cannibalism, criminals that busted themselves online and Rob gauges…

Mtrocast 68 | The Beautiful People

An episode where Rob Lee & Rob Phoenix discuss porn preferences, racial club experiences, child/teacher relationships and NFL talk.

An Idiot’s Guide to the NFL Draft

An Idiot’s Guide to the NFL Draft With a few days away from the NFL’s biggest spectacle and more questions arise heading into the day coming more than answer that…

Mtrocast 28 | MTRobcast

The fate of two worlds will be decided! When worlds collide again. Like a Super Saiyan fusion, Robcast and Mtrocast combine powers to become MTROBcast   Remember mtrthenetwork is found…

Mtrocast 27 | DJ Lights

We hope you can make it to our DJ night An episode where djing, The Fappening, Ray Rice and Game of Thrones are covered.   Remember mtrthenetwork is found on…

Mtrocast 19 | Pearl Jamming

An episode where net neutrality, Shakespeare infographics and Michael Sam are discussed by Rob Lee & Rob Phoenix.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 85 | One-eyed Charlies, Bad Cable and White Carpets

Download Here!!!! Rob Lee and Torin talk Django Unchained, Dr. Roz dieting, moving in, NFL Playoffs, why Rob resents dames, Rudo and much more Related articles Django Unchained, Djack Whitehall…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 82 | A Bitch Named Sandy

Download Here! Rob Lee (@mastermindrw) & Young Rudo (@operationburn1) talk Hurricane coverage, NBA basketball, Marcus Lattimore and the NFL.