June 26

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 230 | All Murrays Everything

mtrthenetwork's Rob Lee & Dann D
Anime is cool

This week’s episode of Robcast is the greatest of all time, allegedly!

The mercury might not be in retrograde but that doesn’t stop Rob and Dann from looking into the past to discuss the best and worst foods brought to you by one of the most infamous of local grocers – Murray’s.

The Crown City Cook talks tacos, Chick-o-Sticks and Doritos that never existed this side of the coast. New Challenger is guaranteed to rattle you to your very core with all new tales involving gators, puppy people and baby daddies. You don’t want to know what Dann would do in order to escape a spider.

What does Jamie Foxx and an English landlady have in common and is there friendship strong enough to withstand a court of law? All we know for sure is, you can’t live in Detroit and own anything nice.

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the episode that proves why you always bite twice.


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June 6

Not Your Mama’s Sex Episode 6 | Oral Odyssey 2

Happy PRIDE Month!!!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Welcome to the Sexy Sixth Week of “Not Your Mama’s Sex”!!! Your boozy, lush living, alcoholic, perverted cohosts are back at it again. If you are new: STOP turn around slowly… now start at episode one. There is no need to rush this process, take your time, get comfortable and get to know your cohosts from the beginning, Mr. Podcast himself Rob Lee and Relationship Enhancement Specialist Myoshi. No seriously, start from the beginning, you will thank us later! Now all you returning listeners, welcome back you Kinky Freaks. Have you missed us?

Remember last week when it was all about the penis? Well HELLO VAGINAS!!!! This week’s Main Course licks pardon (looks at) Cunnilingus, in Oral Odyssey Part 2. Relationship Enhancement Specialist Myoshi comes with the #factsonfacts on some simple steps on how to please the vagina during oral sex. “How Many Licks Lee” (that’s what the kids called him back in the day) Rob Lee lets the audience in on some of his tips and tricks.

Before the Main Course, there always has to be some Foreplay… and this week Myoshi opens up with some personal journey involving self-confidence and acceptance. “Why do we try to dim our light to let others shine? Why is it so important for us to be liked and accepted, even by people that mean absolutely nothing to us?” Delve into some deep reflection and perspective this week about self-love.

In Sex News Around the World Myoshi and Rob Lee go back to episode 3 “Sex & Mental Health” and discuss how Pete Davison of SNL recently responded to trolls in regards to critics who questioned his ability to maintain a romance with Ariana Grande because of his borderline personality disorder.

Do you have any suggestion in topics you want to hear, want to give the cohosts feedback, or would like to be a guest on the show; slide into their inbox @ eventhebackdoor@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @ Not_Your_Mamas_Sex_.

“Not Your Mama’s Sex” is a sex-positive podcast that focuses on sex, relationships, communication, and kink with facts and life experience from a female and male perspective. Join our co-hosts each Wednesday when a new episode drops and don’t forget to share with your friends!

Warning: Not Your Mama’s Sex is not for the faint of heart! If you have any sexual hang-ups please walk away because this podcast “Goes There”.