Mastermind Team’s Robcast 176 | Unleash The Blackness

In this episode our lads, Rob Lee and Dann D, are back to discuss race with white privilege, Japanese folklore with the ass ghost Shirime, and Douche-bag opulence with Champagne…

Mtrocast 63 | Fits Well In Your Hand

An episode where Rob Lee and Rob Phoenix discuss Thanksgiving with black families, Thanksgiving clapback and breast milk in food.

Mtrocast 51 | You Can’t Legdrop Sex

On this episode of the Mtrocast, Rob Phoenix & Rob Lee discuss: Hulk Hogan's racial remarks Key & Peele ending their Comedy Central sketch show, Ashley Madison hacking scandal Hillary Clinton…

Mtrocast 44 | Getting Right For The Summer

An episode from the lads, Rob Lee & Rob Phoenix, that covers protests in America, dinner planning, and fornication.