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Not Your Mama’s Sex Episode 8 | Even The Backdoor

Eight episodes in and you are still with us? Well, we do not blame you. Welcome to the kinky, sexy, raunchy, radical, funny podcast of “Not Your Mama’s Sex”. We…

Not Your Mama’s Sex | Ep. 2 – The Anal Sex Course

In episode 2 of #Notyourmamassex - we discuss Myoshi reminds her friends she's the interesting one despite being celibate and single.  Rob Lee updates the current status of his relationship.…

Cummin’ Soon with Lisa & Rob Lee | 11 – Sweet, Sweet Cum

Here at MTR the network we love sex but we know sex can be weird. So Lisa and Rob Lee provide a much needed service to help you all out.…

Cummin’ Soon with Lisa & Rob Lee | 8 – Kinkin It

An educational discussion from Rob Lee and Lisa on BDSM, consent, and kinks are covered. Check out previous episodes of Cummin' Soon with Lisa & Rob Lee