Mastermind Team’s Robcast 85 | One-eyed Charlies, Bad Cable and White Carpets

Download Here!!!! Rob Lee and Torin talk Django Unchained, Dr. Roz dieting, moving in, NFL Playoffs, why Rob resents dames, Rudo and much more Related articles Django Unchained, Djack Whitehall…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 66 | I’m Untouchable, Bitch….

Download here!!!! Rob lee and Dann D catch up...interesting poo is discuss, the status of horrible universe, Lifetime movies, Orgycast and more.... Related articles Jackson Pollock ( Rob Lowe Makes…

Operation Burn1 15 | You don’t trust that pussy, while you’re in that pussy

The boys are back to talk about 15/15, Billy The Kid, Gary can't handle the sour and more... Download Here!!!! Related articles Apologies are for pussies. (

Oneshot | That’s Not Racist That’s Cosby

An exerpt were Dann & Rob Lee discuss the current state of music, baltimore sports fans, baseball and more.... Download Here!!!!

Operation Burn1 12 | Hide Your Toothbrush….

Download Here Rudo, Big G and Jay are joined by Rob Lee to discuss amongst other thing how two fives don't give you a dime.... Related articles Recycle Your Toothbrush??…