Mastermind Team’s Robcast 253 | The Rhythm of Evil

In this new episode of Mastermind Team’s Robcast the legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D get into it. The ‘it’ is movie sequels that beg the question – what if?

What if some some of our favorite movies like Animal House and Old School had sequels?  By the way, The greatest movie sequel name is Naked Gun 4: The Rhythm of Evil. What if those movie sequels were made, would those movie sequels suck? Which movie deserves a sequel that never got one? Can a movie sequel succeed without it’s star – Animal House without John Belushi or Elf 2 without Will Ferrell? Find out in this episode. 

After that, they trade bad tattoo experiences, delve into strange news on a new installment of New Challenger covering stories about lewd city names, new cereal and dating app crimes

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Also, check out your favorite cast members of #mtrpodcasts on our new comic strip – Attorney’s At Claw. Check out the misadventures of two cats doing their best to make a living in this cat-eat-cat work. Mr. Whiskers is based on Rob Lee and Dash is based on Dann D. Attorney’s At Claw is like Nelson/Murdock but with our favorite pot-smoking felines.

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Mastermind Team’s Robcast 248 | Strategic Triscuit Snacks

The Best Podcast in Baltimore!

The legendary duo, Rob Lee and Dann D, get dark on an all-new episode! Rob discusses an encounter with a doppelgänger and tells a story about a random Tinder encounter. Dann talks about that one time he dated a stripper. Where were you the day Tumblr decided to turn its back on the sexual community at large? Could a naked podcast be the niche product that could fill the void? All we know for certain is: Polish Thickness is the queen of Pawgs.

Crown City Cook talks pretentious food journalism and the failure of Andrew Zimmern before discussing the joys of bacon vending machines.

Meanwhile, Greg gets a shout out.

Whether you stream now or download and listen later, you don’t want to miss the only episode pre-approved for a Capitol One Venture card.

Not Your Mama’s Sex | Ep. 4 Introduction to that Hoe Life

Check out #mtrthenetwork creator, Rob Lee, and, Relationship Enhancement Specialist, Myoshi Smith every Wednesday.

Episode four of “Not Your Mama’s Sex” is here and lovers this week the co-hosts certainly “go there”… So who is ready to talk about “That Hoe Life”? This week Mr. Podcast Rob Lee and your neighborhood friendly outrageous Relationship Enhancement Specialist Myoshi talk about what it means to be a hoe, slut, whore, harlot, or Rob Lee’s favorite: a jezebel. Listen to their take or societies’ perspective on being a slut and if they consider themselves to be hoes??? Myoshi takes a deeper dive and gives her #factsonfacts on if it is possible to just be sexually free and sleep around with as many partners that you wish or is that person truly struggling with deeper daemons and/or fear or non-commitment issues? Also, where did the term slut come from anyway????

Before the Main Course, there always has to be some Foreplay… and this week Rob Lee has some fantastic relationship update news that he is eager to share. Awww don’t we just love, love?
After the Foreplay the cohosts jump into a heated discussion in Sex Around the World while discussing a certain famous DJ who in an on air interview said he does not engage in oral sex with his wife but he expects his wife to orally please him. WHHAATTTT?!?!?!?!? You better believe this topic has our co-hosts fired up and be prepared kids, Mom and Dad have their first on air argument (it was bound to happen sooner or later!)
Join Myoshi and Rob for laughs, drinks (so many drinks)… and of course SEX! 
“Not Your Mama’s Sex” is a sex-positive podcast that focuses on sex, relationships, communication, and kink with facts and life experience from a female and male perspective. Join our co-hosts each Wednesday when a new episode drops and don’t forget to share with your friends! And remember folks, “Flattery will get you everywhere, even the backdoor”.


For more Not Your Mama’s Sex Podcast, follow us on Instagram @not_your_mamas_sex, and subscribe to our podcasts, here.

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Not Your Mama’s Sex | Ep. 2 – The Anal Sex Course

In episode 2 of #Notyourmamassex – we discuss Myoshi reminds her friends she’s the interesting one despite being celibate and single.  Rob Lee updates the current status of his relationship.

This episode is dedicated to anal sex – call this episode Anal 101 or the Prerequisite of Ass.  Myoshi goes into relationship enhancement specialist mode and breaks down by women aren’t into anal sex – remember IF IT HURTS YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG – for the people late or and in the back IF IT HURTS YOUR DOING IT WRONG.

On #notyourmamassex we breakdown the does and don’t for anal sex. Firstly, Communicate well with your partner – preparation is important – none of this spur of the moment stuff doesn’t fly. Secondly, anal training is important – treat it like developing muscles – grab a butt plug or use a finger. In the anal gym you don’t want to start off with the equivalent of a 50-lb dumbbell when you should really be using a 10-lb weight, so start off small and move up gradually – maybe the tongue to a finger then to a penis, additionally relax. Relaxing is important for the muscles being receptive and not tense – orgasms beforehand also help the muscles within the body to relax – so get to it.

On the other side, #notyourmamasex doesn’t want to yuck your yum but wants you to be safe. For starters, stay away from the coconut oil and choose a good quality silicone based lubricant – use it liberally. There’s not enough scientific study on coconut oil for instance – it interferes with the integrity of latex and can throw off a woman’s ph balance.

Lastly, positions are important for anal play. Missionary and doggy-style aren’t the best for anal play. Despite Rob’s tactical penis, the receiver should be in control it comes to how much penis they’re taking in.

Episode 1 is available on everywhere great podcasts are found – podbean, google podcasts, apple podcasts, stitcher and so on

Shoot #notyourmamassex an email @ and Not_Your_Mamas_Sex_ and use the hashtag #notyourmamassex on Instagram and mtrthenetwork

Warning: Not Your Mama’s Sex is not for the faint of heart! If you have any sexual hang-ups please walk away because this podcast gets real.

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Mastermind Team’s Robcast 202 | Magic Bitch

An episode where Rob Lee & Dann D discuss sex witches, a shitty tinder date, permanent erections and a zaddy application.

email us at

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