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Mastermind Team’s Robcast 136 | Cucumbers & Back Pain

An episode where the legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D., discuss boob assault, dicks by mail, racist business practices and wacky women.

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 125 | Bacon Room

The only Podcast with it's own Match profile!   An episode that went off the rails quickly. Sex and dating, the epic dance continues!   Remember mtrthenetwork is found on…

Mtrocast 28 | MTRobcast

The fate of two worlds will be decided! When worlds collide again. Like a Super Saiyan fusion, Robcast and Mtrocast combine powers to become MTROBcast   Remember mtrthenetwork is found…

Mastermind Team’s Robcast 105 | Get On The Stroll

An episode where penis vandalism, girlfriend apps and marrying dead fiancees are discussed by the legendary duo, Rob Lee & Dann D.