Welcome the latest episode of Unofficially Black, your source for the latest in pop culture and current events. Remember there’s no step one in being black. This week Rob Lee & Just Greg welcome CoPlay Media’s DeAryes on the show to discuss anniversaries, movie news and a Gay Tupac. As for anniversaries, late-February marked Rob Lee’s 10th year as a podcaster.

It’s been 10-years since a legend got started – I bet you’re thinking Drake. Sure, it’s been 10 years since So Far Gone came out. Big shout out to Drake’s debut going live on Spotify but there’s also a legend up on Spotify. We’re talking about one half of the legendary duo that is Mastermind Team’s Robcast – it’s Rob Lee’s 10 year anniversary.

Later we discuss Space Jam 2. Los Angeles Lakers Forward, LeBron James, has committed to doing the sequel to the Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny classic and we’ve got questions. Notably who’s in it. What washed white boy is taking the Shawn Bradley role? Who’s the current Patrick Ewing. We are committed to casting this movie. Think of Ryan Coogler directing some of your favorite black actors voicing characters once voiced by Mel Blanc. This would be dope. Be sure to listen to our previous episodes and explore our site as well.

Next, we Run quick see to the self-professed gay Tupac and possible clout chaser, Jussie Smollett. We break down his odd case of Nigerian treachery as well as noted Dreamchaser and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft out here tricking.

We’re on Spreaker and any of the podcast things.

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