Rob Lee has a lot of opinions, many of which can’t be contained to Robcast so here’s Robservations.

Hey man, Rob Lee here and I have something on my mind – weather – Baltimore weather.

First off fuck weather – like the idea as a whole.

I ignore news for the most part as a general rule. I feel that only people who want to be annoyed, misinformed and lightweight controlled invest a lot of energy in the news. Being informed is one thing but getting that information filtered numerous times in a partisan, agenda-driven way isn’t for me. The main thing I got from the news yesterday that today – in terms of weather – was going to suck.

The Windmagedon

The Windmagedon as it’s being call has up to 60 MPH winds. That’s information that I can use and it’s presented with what type of effects it has on a person. Then the anxiety inducing shit comes – there was a guy being interview about damages that can be caused from such winds like property damage and that many insurance claims don’t cover or only cover part of this damage. As a homeowner, that’s troubling. I feel the news creates a hysteria around weather which makes a “boy who cried wolf” scenario for me. Every whiff of snow it’s hyperbolized to be, as Patrice O’Neal called it, “end of the world snow” so in response people buy all of the milk and bread from the market as if we need to stock up. The next morning that same “end of the world snow” has started to melt or was just a dusting. Meteorologists as Rob Phoenix once said are kickers – like NFL Kickers, you’re only good if you’re accurate.

This wind is reminiscent of a Cobra weather scheme. It’s cartoon level villainy. I took an uber to work to both avoid the wind and to get a better scope of the damage to my neighborhood. My neighborhood is under construction. Shit, like literal shit in spots was everywhere, I saw loads of broken glass from blown our windows, dislodged stop signs and knocked over port-a-potties.

On a more serious and thoughtful note, weather of the last 20 years I guess has been gotten abnormal. Huge snowstorms, tsunamis and a litany of things historically that don’t happen. It’s like we have the blinders on how we’re contributing to this. Like Al Gore has crusaded on this for years, hell, decades but we just keep are head down. When the weather becomes a low-budget environmental sci-fi film, we have to ask real questions and make real change. People in power can make this happen but choose other priorities.